6th Reunion Update
ERDA Has Started Project #3 

ERDA Las Vegas Chapter hosted the 6th reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 17th and 18th with an evening gala, an entertaining picnic and a celebration in Axum Restaurant. The event was well beyond expectations by supporters and members from all over the States and Canada. Las Vegas Chapter was able to raise gross $55,758 as the event came to an end. The Las Vegas Chapter and the Board of Directors would like to thank all guests who attended the event and made the event a success. The Las Vegas Chapter also would like to thank all Las Vegas organizations and individuals who put their time, money and effort to make the event a success. We couldn't have done it without all your support.

Prior to the evening gala, Board members met to go over ERDA’s progress for the past year. The Board evaluated the progress of the committees they created to facilitate ERDA’s mission. The committees were: Project follow up, Website maintenances/upgrade, fundraising, Chapter/membership committee. What were discuses at the Board meeting was shared to the public in the general assembly on July 17.

The President of ERDA, Kassa Tadesse updated the assembly on ERDA’s progress since the 5th reunion. Below are the major accomplishments of ERDA for the past year
Financial update: After the 5th reunion, we were able to bring in an outside auditor and audit ERDA’s financial records. After the audit was completed, the newly elected Treasures Hailekiros Abera took over responsibilities from the outgoing Treasure Mulugeta Tadele. ERDA then was able to send funds that enable to finalize the 2nd project and start the 3rd project. 
Project Update: Since ERDA’s 5th reunion ERDA was able to complete the 2nd project and in the presence of regional leaders and the general public, Hidmo Elementary School doors opened to the students. ERDA was also able to initiate the third project. In the presence of the President and few other Board members and chapter leader, the third project was broken in on May 23, 2013. We hope to finalize the third project within the next 6 months. The President also updated the assembly that the committees in Ethiopia are scouting for locations for our 4th project. We hope to have completed the 3rd project and initiate the 4th project by our next 7th reunion.
After the President updated the assembly, the Treasure also gave financial update. It was recommended by the assembly that it would be ideal if we can have each Chapter’s Treasure give financial update for that chapter. This was well received by the Board and will be implemented in the next reunion. The Treasure will have more communication with each Chapter Treasure to implement this change.  

After the topics were summarized and discussed with the public, the general assembly nominated new members to replace the outgoing Board members.  
The two outgoing Board members who dedicated four years to the organization were
Kassa Tadesse, who served as the president of ERDA as well as Project Follow-up Committee officer. Under his leadership, ERDA was able to successfully finish two projects and initiate a third project which will finish this year. ERDA’s members grew and everyone was able to stay focused and concentrate on the main goal of the organization. Although Kassa will not be the president, we are fortunate that he will still be an active member of ERDA.
Isaiah Aynekulu who served as public relations (PR) as well as member of Project Follow-up, and New Chapter Formation Committee. While serving two terms for ERDA, Isaiah was instrumental in obtaining project information on time so the general public can be informed with project updates. He will continue his support as an active member of ERDA.
On behalf of all ERDA’s members and supporters, we would like to thank the two outgoing Board members for their hard work and dedication.  
Below are the lists of Elected Board Members;
RE-elected Board Members for a 2nd term
  •  Manna Hashe              Public Relations
  •  Belay Negusse            Assistance Treasurer
  •  Hagos Wolesi              Public Relations
  •  Zemeda Ainekulu          Secretary
  •  Teklu Mirutse                President 
New Board Members elected
  •  Hailemariam Aredom      Vice-President
  •  Tilahun Belay Gessesse   Public Relations 
The entire Board Members would like to take this chance to thank all members and supporters of ERDA for the support and dedications to ERDA mission. The missions of all of us are being realized every day. We are making a difference in the lives of our brothers, sisters, and our kids in our country. This is possible because all of us have one goal. Let us all get together again next year to celebrate ERDA’s 7th reunion in Minnesota. On behalf of the Beneficiaries, ERDA Board would like to thank all members and supporters of ERDA! Thank you for all your support and hard work.  

~ERDA Board Members 


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To all Members and Supporters of ERDA
ERDA'S 7th Reunion will be held in Minnesota on june 28 2014.  Event details coming soon.
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